Would You Take What Aliens Give?

What would you do if aliens appeared in our skies tomorrow? Would you give your life over to them, would you react in fear of the unknown? The human race is moving at breakneck speed towards a future we may not be ready for. We have not fully anchored ourselves in our present lives as yet. By this I mean, we still starve others on the planet so we can boast about how little we paid the artisan for his or her work. We proudly support charity which requires a perpetuation of the needy.
Billionaires fight against raising the minimum wage because they say it would hit their billionaire bottomline. What is it that cause us to cling to the primitive fear of lack by fearing competition? What is competition anyway? It is the fear that your tribe will not have enough so you reject ones from another tribe. Or you see superiority in another but push them away for fear they may take what you perceive you may lose. By the way that means you see yourself as inferior. One family in the wild may not survive as well as multiple families together, called a tribe. If we choose to work together for the betterment of mankind without energetically creating more charity cases, we will uplift not only ourselves, but the very people we are holding down so we can feel better for helping them.
I think the only reason for aliens to appear in our skies would be because they have something to share with us that will improve our place in the universe. If aliens appeared on the planet tomorrow, are you ready to step into a future of prosperity, healing and peace? How do you really feel about that?

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